First Day Outside

Today is a beautiful 60° and sunny day here in Minnesota. The wild birds are singing, trees are in bud, and a chorus of Gray Tree Frogs serenades us from the pond down the hill. It is the perfect day for bringing little feather-butts outside for the first time this year. Nani, being an old pro, demonstrated to Piper how one sits patiently while getting the aviator harness put on. Being it was her first time Piper had a few choice words for me as I coerced her into hers, but in the end it was a success and out we went!

The airplanes overhead were scary...


...but we soon got over it...

white bellied caique and black headed caique on aviator harness

...don't we look pretty together?!

caique parrots outside wearing aviator harness

Watch video here


Amy Ellis said...

When did you start working with them with the aviator harness? I will be bringing home a WBC baby in a few weeks. Should I get one and have it ready for when I bring my baby home?

DoodleBird said...

Well Nani has been wearing one since she was a baby but yesterday was Piper's first time. I bought one and had it ready for when she came home. It's pretty easy to get them used to it when they are still babies. The Aviator Harness comes with a good instructional video. My advice would be to start the new baby on it as soon as possible. :)

Amy Ellis said...

Ok. I'll make sure to get one before I bring my baby home. Do you remember what size you ordered for them? BTW, LOVE your blog. Your birdies are just so cute!

DoodleBird said...

Yes, it's a size x-small. Thanks so much for the compliment, I think they're pretty cute too. ;-)

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