Possible Proof - Why some Black-Headed Caiques have black skin around the eyes

I made a post a few months ago on a parrot-related message board and I thought I would share it here...

05-25-2011 I've often wondered why some BH Caiques appear to have dark black skin around the eyes while others have light grey skin. Usually the wild BH's have dark black skin verses most of the pets I come across have light grey. But I may have a possible answer...take a look at these two photos of Nani...

This one was taken about 6-8 weeks ago when I took her outside for the first time this year:

Possible Proof - Why some BH's have black skin/others have grey-abcspring-photos-025.jpg

And this one was taken only a few days ago:

Why the change? Well I can't say for sure, but I'm thinking it has something to do with sunlight. She has been getting about 2+ hours a day of direct sunlight either with me outside or in the south-facing window I leave open for them in the afternoons. I think it is similar to how we get tan in the sun. Could I be right?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I never did notice it, but you are right! They are now black at my birds, because they are outside a lot. But I see pictures of my birds in wintertime, and it is light grey. This is so funny!
Thanks for your close attention!

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