Foraging Idea: The Candy Wrapper

This was the first foraging idea I tried on Nani, and it was an immediate success! I think her "natural instinct" to attack and destroy paper of any kind helped too. This is a very, very inexpensive way to incorporate foraging into your birds daily feedings.

First, take several sheets of paper (in this case I used printer paper) and cut them into 4" x 4" squares.

Next, place various food items in the center of each piece of paper such as nuts, dried fruit, and pellets. Make sure you only put a few morsels in each wrapper or your bird will fill up after just one "candy".

Then fold two facing sides toward the center, covering the food treat.

Finally, twist the remaining two sides just like the plastic on a piece of hard candy and give it to your bird. I also place these candies in and around her cage to discover. You can hang them in the chain on toys, inside play huts, in between the bars on the cage, etc.

Once your bird gets the hang of opening up the paper, try using several sheets folded instead of one or a thicker paper like construction paper to make things more challenging.


Mallow said...

If you want different paper textures, I've read that coffee filter papers make good foraging wrappers.

Nice blog background b.t.w., it makes me want to change mine. :)

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