Taking Parrots Outside

Caique in Aviator harness outside

Today I took Nani outside for some playtime, she likes to do her "surfing" in the grass. So on went her Aviator harness and out we went! She never goes out without the harness, I've heard too many sad stories of parrots flying away and getting lost. I started conditioning her to wear it as soon as I brought her home from the breeder. She HATED it. She would go limp and roll on her back. But I kept trying and she soon learned the harness meant fun in the sun or a car ride. Now when she sees it she comes running over to put it on. She fusses a little when we take it back off, but not too bad. Summer is almost over, and here in Minnesota the winters are long and cold! I feel bad that she will be cooped up inside for so long, maybe I should move. ;-)


Emily said...

Great job on the blog! Nani is so cute. How did you get the Date on the tab? I uploaded this same format on another blog as a test and cannot figure out how to make it, mine it says 'undefined'.

Patricia Buzo said...

Hi Emily,
This was on the guys site: "When you upload it to your blog , you will see times as undefined , to get rid of this problem you should follow the following steps : Setting >> Formatting >> TimeStamp Format and now chose the 4th one and save it."

Hope that helps! ;-)

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Nani's Vocabulary To Date:

Pretty Birdie
Pretty Girl
What Are You Doing?
(variation) Whatcha Doin'?
I Love You
Thank You
Look At You!
Come Here!
Go Poo Poo
Uh Oh
I Don't Want You.