Homemade Foraging

While at a local second hand store (where I frequently go to find possible toys for Nani) I came across this roll of black honeycomb type plastic ribbon for a dollar. I'm really not sure what it's used for, but I thought it might make a good foraging toy because the holes were the perfect size. I suppose this material wouldn't work for larger parrots, but small to medium sized birds would be fine. At the dollar store I picked up a roll of red ribbon and went home to start my creation. I wasn't sure if Nani would try it out, but it ended up being a hit! So for only $2 I can make multiple foraging toys...not bad.

Step By Step "The Parrot Pouch":
homemade foraging toy items: honeycomb ribbon and red gift ribbon
fold ribbon
weave in edges
tie ends
fill foraging toy with lettuce for parrot
Caique with foraging toy
Caique parrot eating lettuce from foraging toy


Meg said...

Never know what you might find in second hand stores, that is a really cool foraging toy idea. And it looks like Nani agrees!

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