Begging For Attention - She Thinks She's So Cute!

Ok, she is so cute.


MoonGoddess said...

YES, she sure is!

Mary said...

Beeps does that a lot and my husband calls him "hot feet" Isn't it amazing how much energy they have? And how focused she became when she thought food was in her grasp?

DoodleBird said...

You know, I've gotten so used to Nani's energy level that it's the new norm for me. In fact I don't remember what it's like to have a bird thats not like that. I guess I remember my Quaker just sitting there much of the time. I'd put him on a swing hanging from the ceiling and he'd sit there forever. Nani would NEVER just stay there.

Mary said...

It's quite evident in our house, with the others as comparison! All 5 of the others will be calming down before bed, and Beeps is running around, flying from his cage to the couch and back, beeping constantly.

The others have their moments of energy, of course, but Beeps is an entirely different creature :)

Tessa said...

Oh wow, she is really too cute!! So glad I found your blog. Great videos. :)

DoodleBird said...

Thanks Tessa! I'm so happy you like Nani's blog!! ;-)

Pio said...

hey I love your blog, your bird is amazing, so many tricks!!! Pio is a little jealous but we are working on a "roll down" trick where he rolls back onto my hand, so he is on his back, I think he kind of gets it. But he seems to only do it when he wants to. I am glad you subscribed to my blog!

DoodleBird said...

Hi Pio,

Nani wants to say thank you. She says her advice for Pio is:

"Pio, eventhough the giant featherless birds are hard to understand with their thick accent, don't give up. Eventually we train them to say things correctly and that's when we reward them with a cool trick."


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