A Spring Day

#1 Nani carefully examines her surroundings, she growls at a hawk she spots in the sky. All I see is a dot. The hawk flies away. Then she growls at some sparrows in the trees.

#2 She feels a little safer and adventures off a few feet away.

#3 On second thought she comes back to safety.
#4 "I wonder what this dirt tastes like"? Seconds later she drops it in disgust.

#5 Nani decides that picture would look a lot better with her in it.

It was a nice Spring day.



Pio the Meyers and Jenell the Human said...

did you train her to wear the harness? I am thinking about that so I can bring Pio outside...those are nice photos! She is very pretty!

DoodleBird said...

Yes I did. I started her on it really young, about 2.5 months old. However I had initially gotten the flight suit which covers the whole body and she HATED it. She would fall over and go limp, then madly try to chew it off. I took a chance and got the aviator harness instead. Getting it on the first few times was a challenge, but I just kept saying "good girl" all excited while I was putting it on, even if she was scratching and biting. It took a few weeks but she wears it now. Every now and then she'll try to chew at it. Give it a try!

Beloved Parrot said...

Hey -- you haven't delivered Nani to my house yet! You bring Her Cuteness to me right this very minute.

DoodleBird said...

oh darn! that package must have gotten lost in the mail. :-P

AnniKae said...

Oh...I love Nani! This blog is great. I read several of your posts and Oh My Gosh...I'm so glad the vacuum story ended good. That story is what movies are made of...lol.

DoodleBird said...

hi AnniKae! Thanks so much, I'm happy to hear my blog doesn't bore you hahaha.

Mallow said...

Your blog is good! I enjoy reading here often also. :)

DoodleBird said...

aw, thanks Mallow :-D

Beloved Parrot said...

About that vacuuming incident -- I think the best way to avoid such accidents is to just stop vacuuming! Think of all the extra time. ;-)

DoodleBird said...

Beloved you're right! That's just a sacrifice we must make for the safety of our bird. No chocolate, no nonstick cookware, and no vacuuming! :-P

aristide said...

simpatico piccolino

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