Nani's Living In Luxury

Well, maybe not luxury but she's sure upgraded. Last summer when we took her home I wanted to have a nice play gym for her to enjoy but couldn't afford to buy one. Caiques are quite expensive and I bought the largest cage I could find so my funds were pretty much wiped out. I decided to make my own out of tree branches. So I did some research to be sure I'd be giving her branches that weren't poisonous and ended up choosing Sumac (not Poison Sumac mind you, Rhus typhina which is not poisonous at all and it's flowers can even be consumed). It didn't turn out too bad but it definitely looked home made. Another problem was since the branches sprawled out so much I had to lay newspaper all over the surrounding floor which looked bad and never stayed in place so I had bird bombs all over the place anyway.

So my husband and I found a photo of a PVC play gym in Bird Talk magazine and decided to try and copy it. He went to Lowe's and bought everything he needed (note: it was so cute, I even found little diagrams he had drawn up). A day later and he was done! I decorated it with all her toys and voila!
Nani's new digs (insert ooh and aah here):


aristide said...

a lot of games....

MoonGoddess said...

OH I LOVE IT! She is one very lucky lil lady indeed. Hope she loves it for many years to come.

Pio the Meyers and Jenell the Human said...

I love this!! I want to make one for Pio!!!! Pio says he is jealous! Did you have to tell them at Lowe's what length you wanted the pipes cut?

Meg said...

Wow! That looks great, it looks so colorful with the toys. I bet Nani loves it!

DoodleBird said...

She does love it, I'm so glad she wasn't scared of it lol.

DoodleBird said...

Poor Pio haha. No we just bought the whole tubing and cut it with a little saw. It was pretty easy to do. But I think they would probably do it for you too.

Mallow said...

That play gym looks great! I'm sure Nani loves it :)

Mary said...

Very nice! You could set up a little side business, although it might have to be local -- imagine it would be difficult to ship that!

Athena said...

I just love your playgym for Nani! Could you tell me what issue of Bird Talk the playgym was in? I would love to try and make one for my two caiques here.

DoodleBird said...

Hi Athena! I don't remember now which one it was in, but it was just a photo, no instructions or anything.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing. My four budgies would LOVE it!

When they got over being scared of it of course! :)

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