Baby Toys For The Baby

Nani is a fun bird to watch. Her antics while playing are so entertaining, I never get bored when she's around. Bird toys can be expensive especially because she gets bored with them after about 1 day! I'm still in shock, Watson my Quaker never got bored with his favs. That's what I get for falling in love with a Caique. Anyway, I check out garage sales and second hand stores for baby toys that are appropriate for her size. NOTE: I do not choose toys with exposed metal screws or those that can be easily broken and taken apart for safety reasons. Here's a quick video of her playing around:


Lrerg said...

What a cutie!

Beloved Parrot said...

Nani is just too cute for you. You send her(him) to me right now!

Beloved Parrot said...

Does rotating toys work for her?

DoodleBird said...

Sorry Beloved...she's all mine! muahahahaha

I do rotate, but it remains the same. :-/

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Nani's Vocabulary To Date:

Pretty Birdie
Pretty Girl
What Are You Doing?
(variation) Whatcha Doin'?
I Love You
Thank You
Look At You!
Come Here!
Go Poo Poo
Uh Oh
I Don't Want You.