Nani is a teenager...

Nani has gone punk! I've done my best to be a loving parent but she has decided to rebel! Just look at her new 'do!


Pio the Meyers and Jenell the Human said...

hehehe pio thinks that is hilarious. he only gets the top part wet, not the whole head at once!!

Mary said...

There is nothing cuter than a wet caique :) And mine stay wet forever! Great pictures!

Bryan said...

Nani does look like a Metal Rockband! Hahaha. Loves her new look ;)

DoodleBird said...

Bryan, love your blog!! I added it to my links on the right. Following you on facebook too. :-)

Beloved Parrot said...

Nani looks great in any style!

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Nani's Vocabulary To Date:

Pretty Birdie
Pretty Girl
What Are You Doing?
(variation) Whatcha Doin'?
I Love You
Thank You
Look At You!
Come Here!
Go Poo Poo
Uh Oh
I Don't Want You.