San Diego Zoo Trip

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Tropical Bird
Close up tropical bird Anyone know what kind of parrot this is?

tiny parrot eating fruitSome sort of peafowl and another bird squabbling over a piece of bread.

peafowl and bird fighting over food Scarlet Macaw in a nest box, peek a boo!

scarlet macaw sticking his head out of a nest box at San Diego zoo Sadly, I discovered that Hyacinth Macaws have yellow skin all over their bodies.

Hyacinth Macaws. One has plucked all of his chest feathers This looks a lot like a brown guinea pig to me. It wasn't in a cage, it was wild. Maybe some sort of ground hog?

Californian Guinea Pig? I was literally 4 feet away from this peacock, beautiful!

male Peacock displaying in full feather

Aren't they cute?!


Meg said...

A bit late reading this one, sorry! I just wanted to say that those are incredible pics and I bet you had a great time. The unknown parrot looks annoyingly familiar to me, and yet I still can not quite place it.

The poor Hyacinths, were they turned over to the zoo already plucking? I remember reading that some parrot's skin, grey or black parrot skin, turns yellow when exposed to light for long periods of time, like with a plucker. Not sure on that, though.

DoodleBird said...

I don't know the story on the Hyacinths, maybe they were donated. I would think they'd be happier in a zoo, outdoors in a more natural environment. So I wonder why he plucks.

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