DIY: Foraging Tree


  • 1 unfinished wooden box
  • rocks
  • "Great Stuff" foam
  • 1 bird safe tree branch
  • 1 24" x 24" wood board (not shown)
  • toys

foraging tree box
Purchase unfinished wooden box from a craft store. Some of them come with a hole already in the top. Otherwise you can drill a hold the size of the base of the branch. Fill the bottom with rocks, the heavier the better.
Not Shown: Before adding the rock, attach a 24" x 24" wooden plank to the bottom side of the box for extra support to prevent the tree from falling over.

Fill the box with "Great Stuff" foam 1/2 to 2/3 from the top of the box completely covering the rock. This stuff expands significantly as it dries.

Place tree branch into the hole in the wet foam. I have used a Staghorn Sumac tree (NOT Poison Sumac!). It's ok leave the leaves on the tree branch, your bird will have lots of fun pulling them off. You will have to support the tree upright while the foam dries. Leave it overnight to become firm. If some of the foam comes out through the whole simply remove the excess with a knife. To prevent your bird from chewing at the foam you can place wood blocks into the open areas. Now it is ready for toys to be hung!

foraging play tree


Meg said...

Nani is so busy in that video clip. I have always heard that Caiques are non stop action, does she fit that description?

Your tree looks really cool! Do you have any trouble with it falling over, or trouble cleaning it? I have never used that foam, what exactly is it?

DoodleBird said...

Nani is pretty active, but not as crazy as I expected. I read everywhere (like you) that Caiques are hyperactive, but so far she has been busy but not crazy. She entertains herself a lot, so I guess providing a lot of toys and foraging opportunities helps. I think I was expecting her to be...what's the word...almost annoying. But she's totally not (most of the time...hehehe)

Yes, I had some trouble with the tree falling over when she would hop from branch to branch so I added a wood plank at the bottom under the box. I think for a lighter bird, like a budgie it wouldn't be necessary.

The foam is some sort of insulation foam used around pipes etc. The also use this stuff to anchor silk plants in the pots. You can get it at Home Depot for around $3.

One smart blue headed pionus said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to have to get my human to make one of these for me! :D

Anonymous said...

That is so clever! What a great way to make a base for a play tree. This is definitely something I can do. Great job, and adorable fid!

lala said...

thank you so much for posting this!I have a caique too and was looking all over for an easy and aesthetically appealing bird tree! LOOOOVE It!!!

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