A brand new design!

As many of you know I am an artist by day, and have an online store. Well I have recently dreamt up another design and I just wanted to share. I have yet to do a Caique or other parrot, but it's on my list.

They're called Mystery Petz. They come in 3 different sizes: mini, medium, and large. Each pet is a one of a kind original and are highly collectible. Each pet comes with a poem, and is signed, dated, and numbered. Wanna hear the poem? Ok...

An egg was laid, but what's inside?
We do not know for within it hides.

But wait! What's that I see?
There's a crack...now two, now three!

Then all at once I see them there,
two little eyes - at me they stare.

Tell me, what lies inside that shell so white?
Does it walk on all fours?
Could it take flight?

The answer lies not in the eyes,
but in the rear it becomes quite clear.



Beloved Parrot said...

These are sooo cute!

DoodleBird said...

Thank you so much!!


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