The Results Are In!

For some time I've been toying with the idea of finding out Nani's sex. When I went to see "her" for the first time the breeder told me she thought Nani was a girl because of the shape of her head. But of course to know for sure I would need a blood test. At the time I was pretty wiped out financially after buying the biggest cage I could afford, toys, food, play stand, vet visit, etc. Therefore I opted to wait. By now I have gotten so used to the idea of my little GIRL. I couldn't fathom my she being a he. Of course I would love Nani regardless, but it seemed to weird to think that what I thought I knew was in reality totally wrong. Well, I finally broke down, curiosity got the best of me. So last week I sent a blood sample to Avian Biotech International, a company that specializes in DNA testing. Today I got the answer I've been waiting for.

In the case of Nani the Caique, you ARE the father!

Oh wait, wrong type of results. This is what you're looking for...

Nani is a beautiful baby girl. :-)



MoonGoddess said...

So happy for you & your sweet lil girl! Congrats on the confirmation. :)

Beloved Parrot said...

YEA! How did she take the news??

DoodleBird said...

She looked at me like "Duh!"

Kathleen said...

ROFLOL - too funny! I would have wanted to know, too =p

Mary said...

Isn't it nice to know for sure? Max's breeder told us she was a boy based on head shape (hence her name) and it was a shock when we found out she was a girl. Poor thing had to endure a couple of years of the wrong pronoun :)

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