Milestones: Mr. Feathersworth Can Fly!

It's all happened so fast. First he started perching and picking at dry foods. Then he was climbing and playing with his toys. And now?

While Mr. Feathersworth was impatiently waiting for me to get his formula together he started flapping his wings and jumping up and down. I had set him on the countertop and was mixing away when all of a sudden he was airborne! Next thing I know he was across the kitchen on the stove. (note: I never bring the birds in the kitchen while things are cooking or right after when the stove is still hot for this very reason. Even clipped birds can get into accidents especially in bathrooms and kitchens.) I was shocked, just the day before I had taken him outside without the harness being I thought it was still safe. I am so glad he didn't decide to try it then! Since then he has tried his flying skills a few times and let me just say his landings need work...A LOT of work. I will eventually slightly clip his wings but not quite yet, I'd like him to become more of a pro and sure of himself. He'll still be able to fly but not quite as far. It's seemed to work well with Nani.

Here's a quick video of his flying*. This is one of the very few landings that haven't ended in a crash:

*normally he flies on his own but in this video I helped him get started


jinx1764 said...

OMG, great videos! Mr. Feathersworth looks great and Nani is a Star as usual. LOL!

Bryan said...

Mr Feathersworth is lovely! He's finally fledging :D By the way, I've heard that Pionus have special odors, is it true?

Any weird smell from Feathersworth?

DoodleBird said...

Yes they do have an odor. I don't find it particularly pleasant but it's not horrible either. He doesn't constantly smell but seems to emit the odor when he's feeling super content (e.g. being pet) or super scared. I definitely prefer Nani's smell.

Bryan said...

Well I've yet to really meet a pionus. I guess it's something unique about pionus. I ever read a book on pionus, we shared that the odor actually help attract a certain insects or ants to keep them clean, well I wasn't sure how true, but I guess Feathersworth's cage aren't infested right? *Giggle*

DoodleBird said...

Yeah, ever since I got Mr. Featherworth there are bugs everywhere! It's like a jungle in here! *wink wink*

Best in Flock said...

Mika is learning to fly, too! Maybe they can form a support group :)

DoodleBird said...


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