Nani Amongst The Sunflowers Photoshoot

I picked up a few fresh-cut sunflowers and our local nursery the other day. They are stunning! I wasn't aware that sunflowers have a scent but they do...and I rather like it. It's kinda a cross between a green leafy smell, sunflower seeds, and a very light floral (daisy) scent. You have to get your nose right up into the flower and give it a good whiff. The very centers are sticky while the surrounding area is very soft like fur. They last about a week but if you snip a bit off the bottoms each day as well as give them fresh water then they may last even longer. Ahhhh, sweet Summer!

But I didn't get the just for their pretty smell or vibrant blooms. I've often thought of Nani's colors to be much like a sunflower's and decided to do a photoshoot. Of course Nani was afraid of the giant one-eyed beasts when I first introduced her to them but with some coaxing she finally sat still...well as much as a Caique can sit still anyway. I think I got some good shots and I may try once more before they wither. Of course Mr. Feathersworth got in on the action as well, but he's MUCH MORE cooperative.


Mandy said...

Great pictures. :-)

As I was watching your video, I couldn't help thinking "he sounds just like a hungry baby bird." Then he started trying to eat from your fingers and it was like "he IS a hungry baby bird!" Haha. And I love how Mr. Feathersworth sounds like a squeaky toy!

Thanks for sharing! :-)

DoodleBird said...

he's ALWAYS a hungry baby bird haha

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Pretty Birdie
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What Are You Doing?
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