Closer and Closer...

Nani has been much more accepting of Mr. Feathersworth lately and they can sit in close proximity for short amounts of time with no problems. I think this is largely due to the fact that Mr. FW stays out of her way. Below you can see she flew over to his cage and is just hanging out with him. She goes over to sample the tidbits inside his cage and, of course, he could care less (still struggling with weaning) so it all works out. Of course she still occasionally feels the need to assert her dominance (or is she just being an instigator?) and will nip at his tail feathers. But all in all things have vastly improved from the time when she would go straight for his jugular every chance she got. ♫♪♪

On a side note, a very nice woman who owns a Blue-headed Pionus has been coming to visit Mr. FW and they seem to hit it off. This, perhaps, will be his forever home...we'll wait and see.


Flock Advisor said...

That is great that they are doing well together!It is actually really good for his socialization that she is on his cage with him, that will make him less likely to become cage aggressive. Great Job!

belovedparrot said...

They are both soooooo cute! But Nani will be much cuter in my house (snort).

DoodleBird said...

HA! ;)

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