Bird Tested, Bird Approved

As some of you already know I have a shop on I absolutely love Etsy, not only as a shop owner but also as a purchasing connoisseur (see how fancy that sounds?).
Nani has been in desperate need of toys lately. On one miserable day she was getting into everything; chewing on cords, flying to my head only to poop there, screaming constantly, and generally being a little menace. I had had enough! I happened to be working on my shop and decided to take a quick look to see if anyone made affordable handmade parrot toys. Sure enough there were several shops to choose from. I placed an order with Zeek's Beak and within days I received my order. Nani loves her new toys:

They were packaged so adorably with pink tissue paper and little bows. Not only that but I got 2 (count them) TWO free gifts with my order!

I have also ordered from Wysper Creations and was equally impressed. She's a Caique owner and fellow Minnesotan as well.


Michelle said...

I am so pleased that your Nani loved the toys! Thanks for featuring them on your blog. Etsy is a great place to shop and sell.

I love all the info you have available to all us bird lovers out there. Your site is a wealth of information!

belovedparrot said...

Do you think Nani misses Mr. Feathersworth?

Whether she does or not, I'll be glad to take Nani off your hands if you get tired of her. ;-)

DoodleBird said...

She seems to be fine now that Mr. F is gone. I think she likes to be the one that gets all the attention.

And again, not a chance. :-P

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