School's Out!

Lately Nani has been a lot more noisy than she used to be. It's a bit disconcerting because she can be quite loud when she wants to be and in an apartment that can mean trouble. Luckily we haven't had any complaints (thank you awesome neighbors!) but it is still hard on the ears.

One of my theories is that she has Spring fever. Winters are LONG in Minnesota and we all start feeling it about this time of year. Still buried under snow, dreams of green leaves and warm breeze can drive a person (insert "bird") mad. Nani acts as if she doesn't know what she wants and just screeches for what seems like forever. I think she's stir crazy.

However, I have figured out that at least at one specific time of day there is a reason for her noise. It has become a custom in our house for Nani to accompany me to the front door to wait for my daughter to get home from school every day. I have noticed that she starts to screech about 5 minutes before head out the door. Then the whole trip down the hallway she chirps in excitement (this is a much more pleasant noise than the screeching). Once we reach the front door she growls until the bus arrives. (For those of you that read my blog regularly you know that Nani growls for many reasons including excitement.)

Hopefully once Spring finally arrives Nani will mellow out a little. But in the meantime I don't mind having a little alarm clock to remind me when to go meet my daughter's bus.


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Nani's Vocabulary To Date:

Pretty Birdie
Pretty Girl
What Are You Doing?
(variation) Whatcha Doin'?
I Love You
Thank You
Look At You!
Come Here!
Go Poo Poo
Uh Oh
I Don't Want You.