Caique Approved: Tiki Takeout Foraging Toy

One of Nani's first (and now favorite) foraging toys is the Tiki Takeout by Nature's Instinct Foragewise toys. I removed the first set of larger wood sticks due to the fact that she's a smaller bird and initially lost interest because it was too hard for her to get at the goods. She still has to work for it though, and seems to really enjoy this toy! Below are a few photos and video:


Meg said...

Looks like she is having a lot of fun, those are really cute pictures! I have considered this for my quakers, but wasn't sure whether they would lose interest or not. Perhaps I will try it.

DoodleBird said...

I think it would be great for a Quaker because they also like to chew and are very smart. You'll have to let me know how it goes. Give them a week ore two to get the hang of it.

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