How-to: The Foraging Cup


  • 1 unfinished wooden cup with loose fitting lid (can be found at most craft stores)

  • 1 wooden flower cutout

  • 1 quick link clasp

  • 12" section of nickel plated chain

  • 1 bird safe bell

How to make a parrot foraging toy
1. Start by drilling a small hole in the center of the flower cutout, wooden box, and lid. You may also want to dye the pieces different colors using food grade coloring.

foraging toy supplies: wooden box with lid, flower cutout, chain, clasp, bell

2. Attach the bell at one end, and thread the other end through the holes starting at the bottom of the box. Finally, attach the quick link clasp at the top and hang.

Home made foraging toy, wood, chain, bell

3. Put one of your birds favorite treats in the cup. At first you may want to show him what you're putting in. For some you may need to demonstrate how to get the treat out. Give it some time, eventually he will get it.


Meg said...

That is a great foraging toy! Nani looks like a really good forager, she is very persistent.

DoodleBird said...

She suprises me sometimes how quickly she figures things out. I wish I had known about foraging when I had my Quaker. :-(

Athena said...

That's a neat foraging toy and not all that expensive to make. Can't wait to get to a craft store to look for the items or something like them! : )

Sharon said...

You must be very crafty!

DoodleBird said...

Athena, yes it was very inexpensive. If I can, I like to make the toys so I can save some money. The money tree in my back yard died this past year. :-(

Sharon, I admit I like going to the craft store...that kind of thing keeps me busy.

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