My Growl Baby

I've mentioned Nani's growling in past posts; she will growl when eating, surfing, or when she sees something that she doesn't recognise such as a bug crawling on the wall. The eating growl is a happy noise although it sounds exactly like her "aaahhh! hawk!" growl (video). I'm not totally sure if this is a Caique thing or one of Nani's quirks. I usually know why she's growling even though sometimes I don't see what she's looking at. For example, while outside she will be happily singing when all of a sudden she freezes, stares at the sky and softly growls. I know it's a hawk, but 9 times out of 10 I see absolutely nothing! Every now and then I can make out a tiny dot gliding around in the farthest layers of the ozone layer usually in the direct line of the sun. I don't know how she does it. I mentioned I usually know what she's growling at but there is one occasion that baffles me. We take a shower together several times a week, she sits on a towel rack that inside on the back wall. Now this happens every time: her eyes widen and tilting her head toward a specific spot on the ceiling just above the shower head, she starts to growl incessantly. Now one time, the first time, there was a tiny spider in that spot. But this has been going on for months and trust me, there is NOTHING there. And don't even bother trying to distract her, it's useless. She just gets this intent look on her face and doesn't stop till the shower ends. Once she goes up on her towel (on the shower curtain near the scary spot) she's totally oblivious. She does her towel surfing and the growling doesn't happen again till the next shower. I'm stumped. The only thing that could possibly be happening is that birds see in colors we don't and she may be seeing something in that spot happen when the steam hits it. But what? Or was she traumatized by that tiny baby spider never to be the same? I can't crack the case.


Mary said...

FWIW, both of my caiques are growlers, so I'm leaning towards it being a caique-trait rather than a Nani-specific one!

I'll try to get some videos of them growling, though they usually stop when the camera comes out.

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Pretty Birdie
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