Warm and Cozy

We have had below zero temperatures here in Minnesota the past few weeks and even with the heat cranked up as high as it can go the house still is chilly. (Why do I live here again? I need to be reminded.) Nani loves her bath time and has continued to shower with me despite the cold. Granted, the bathroom stays pretty warm and steamy but after she comes out of the room she shivers. This is our usual routine: We shower, I get out to blow dry my hair and she surfs (rubs all over) on a towel hung over the shower curtain rod. Being she is used to the noise of the blow dryer I decided to dry her that way..IF, that is, she would let me. I presumed she'd freak out and try to fly away. When I did I couldn't believe she actually stayed perfectly still, closed her eyes, and sat there for the entire time! I recorded it earlier today after her bath:

NOTE: I turned the dryer to low. Never blow dry with hot air as it could burn their skin.


jinx1764 said...

LOL, that's great! Royal used to like that when she was a baby but can't stand the dryer noise now. At least she'll be nice and toasty now.

Superior Parrot said...

She sure is one pampered baby -- as she should be!

Mary said...

As always, she is so adorable! Also, I'm glad she liked the card. I was hoping you wouldn't find it creepy :)

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