A New Addition

Nani and I have been discussing a new addition to our feathered family for some time now. Well, I guess it was pretty much a one-sided conversation that went something like this: "Nani, should we get a new bird?"... "beep, beep"... "so, is that a yay or nay?"..."beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeep". So clearly she was on board. Next we had to decide on a species. Of course Nani felt we should bring home another Caique, preferably one with masculine features. I quickly shot that idea down, however. Besides, two Caiques would probably set up professional screaming matches and have daily contests. No, we'd need a more quiet, laid back breed. I pointedly let Nani know in no uncertain terms that while I did choose a Caique last time they were not my only preference. I had also been considering an African Grey or some form of Pionus. African Grey's are AWESOME and I would die to have one. But thanks to Nani Featherbutt's spending habits price is an issue. I can't afford $1,000 bird at this time...or probably ever for that matter. So that narrowed it down to a Pionus...but which kind? White Capped? Blue-Headed? Bronze-winged? Maxi? It was time to do some research!

After hours of net surfing Nani and I were astonished to learn that they are all pretty much the same bird in different feather combinations. Some sites suggested that the White-capped Pi's (when male) are territorial and nippy. But the vast majority of them are sweet, quiet, and a bit shy. I found a wonderful breeder in Florida (being there are no Pi breeders in Minnesota) that came highly recommended (see WingsAviary.com). She had Bronze-winged Pi's on eggs so that sealed the deal. I made the purchase and my baby hatched on Thursday, 5/06/10. Nani was thrilled. We started receiving photo updates of our new baby...

At about 1.5 weeks old

2.5 weeks old

About 4 weeks old

5 weeks old taken 6/2/10

Nani has enjoyed watching her baby grow over these past few weeks. But she insisted on knowing whether she would be a big sis to a brother or a sister. She just couldn't stand the suspense, and made a very good point when she insinuated that it would be very hard to name the baby if we didn't know the sex. So I gave in. Today the results came in and.......IT'S A BOY! Nani seemed a little too happy about the news and I kindly explained to her about the birds and the bees of the parrot world. Unfortunately for her a boy Pionus would only be interested in other female Pionus parrots and he just may very well find her flamboyant feathering repulsive.

So now it was time to choose a name. Nani thought he should be called Nani Jr. but I argued that there is only one true Nani in this world to which she agreed. After asking around for suggestions we came up with a nice combination: Mr. Feathersworth....Mr. Gizmo Feathersworth that is.

Gizmo will be flying home this Friday night. Nani and I had to re-learn how to hand-feed a baby being I haven't done so for years and Nani can't remember that far back, after all she was just a baby.

We are both very excited about the new addition and will be updated everyone on his progress. Goodbye for now.....



belovedparrot said...

Awwwww, Mr. Feathersworth is quite handsome! He'll be a real heartbreaker when he grows up, I bet.

Poor Nani. It's obvious she needs a new home and new faces to take her mind off this rival -- you can go ahead and send her to me right now. I promise I'll take good care of her! ;-)

DoodleBird said...

aha! I see how you snuck that in there like that. Thank you, but Nani is adjusting quite nicely thank you very much! ;-)

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